Electronic Heart Glowing Circuit


In this episode, we will learn how to make Electronic Heart Glowing Circuit. This circuit also made by the most popular timer IC (NE555). This is a very interesting circuit. Cause, this circuit you can use for some special person for surprises and make happy.

It is a glowing circuit. That’s means when the circuit switches on, the LEDs glowing. You can try this circuit for a special person. Also, you can install this for a birthday party, marriage anniversary and gift for babies, etc. It’s too easy and a cool circuit. You can make this circuit very easily. So, it’s a very important circuit. Are you interested in this project? Let’s get started now!

Electronic Heart Glowing Circuit 3D Preview
Electronic Heart Glowing Circuit 3D Preview

An appliance which is the requirement for this project:

To make this project, we need some materials. Let’s collect materials below the list

IC NE555
2 pin male connectors
Battery or power supply
ON/OFF Switch

≡ IC Description:


The 555 timer IC is a chip that used for a variety place of timer, delay, pulse generation, and oscillator application etc. The standard 555 package includes

25 transistors, 2 diodes, and 15 resistors on a silicon chip installed in an 8-pin dual in-line package. You can trigger the IC in a stable, mono-stable, biostable, and Schmitt trigger or inverter mode.

≡ Pinout configuration Timer IC:

The timer IC is an integrated circuit used in v oscillator applications. The following ICs pin diagram looks like this,

≡ Schematic Diagram of this project:

To create PCB and Schematic this circuit, we used Dip trace PCB design software. You can create a PCB design using other software. Here I share with you a 3D models of this circuit and added a Gerber file with an N/C drill file. You can download and check it for manufacturing. Also, you can test this circuit in the breadboard or cc board, I share a schematic diagram here. You see below the images and make it easy.


≡ 3D PCB Design View:

Here a PCB design print preview and 3D models using Diptrace PCB design. Let’s follow this design.

≡ Description of Electronic Heart Glowing Circuit:

Now let’s follow the schematic diagram. Here we use the NE555 timer IC. Here the frequency is approximately 0.2 Hz. Each period lasts for just a little over 4

seconds. This IC pin 4 & 8 are connected with the positive source and here 2, 6, and 7 connected with resistor R1, R2, and capacitor C2. Also, pin 6 are shorted with pin 2 and 7. Notice that, Here C2 is non-polarized and C1 polarized capacitor. Then, two capacitors (C2 and C1) are connected periodically with pin 2 and pin 5. The capacitor’s other legs and pin 1 are connected with the GND path. The output pin 6 is connected a low ohm resistor R3. Another leg of R3 is connected in a transistor-based. And finally, the transistor Emitter and Collector pins are connected step by step in power and LEDs with resistor R4. That’s all. Finally, for measuring the input and output voltage and current, you can use a multimeter and calculate it.


For download, the Gerber file with N/C drill file clicks here.

If you follow this article step-by-step, I hope you ensure your circuit design and make it probably. If you face any problem, please contact me. I will try to solve this problem. For more articles follow this site. Thanks for reading!

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