Controlling a DC Motor with Raspberry Pi4

Controlling a DC Motor with Raspberry Pi4


In this tutorial, I will show you how to connect some motors to your Raspberry Pi4.  DC Motor with Raspberry Pi lies with the Motor Driver. 

What is motor Driver: A Motor Driver is a special circuit or IC that provides the necessary power (or rather the current) to the motor for smooth and safe operation.
we should never connect a motor directly to Raspberry Pi
Circuit Diagram
Controlling a DC Motor with Raspberry Pi4
Controlling a DC Motor with Raspberry Pi4

with  Motor Driver Module-L298N, we can actually control two motors. For simplicity reasons, I’ll demonstrate the circuit, working and program for controlling a single DC Motor with Raspberry Pi4.

Short Brief Motor Driver Module-L298N :

From this Datasheet, This dual bidirectional motor driver is based on the very popular L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Integrated Circuit. The circuit will allow you to easily and independently control two motors of up to 2A each in both directions. It is ideal for robotic applications and well suited for connection to a microcontroller requiring just a couple of control lines per motor. It can also be interfaced with simple manual switches, TTL logic gates, relays, etc. This board equipped with power LED indicators, onboard +5V regulator, and protection diodes.
Brief Data:
• Driver: L298N Dual H Bridge DC Motor Driver
• Power Supply: DC 5 V – 35 V.
• Peak current: 2 Amp
• Operating current range: 0 ~ 36mA
Signal Control signal input voltage range:
• Low: -0.3V ≤ Vin ≤ 1.5V.
• High: 2.3V ≤ Vin ≤ Vss.
Enable signal input voltage range:
o Low: -0.3 ≤ Vin ≤ 1.5V (control signal is invalid).
o High: 2.3V ≤ Vin ≤ Vss (control signal active).
• Maximum power consumption: 20W (when the temperature T = 75 ℃).
• Storage temperature: -25 ℃ ~ +130.
• On-board + 5V regulated output supply (supply to controller board i.e. Arduino).
Ize Size: 3.4cm x 4.3cm x 2.7cm

Components Required

    1. Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
    2. L298N Motor Driver Module

Lipo Battery 3300mAh

  1. Connecting wires (Jumper Wires)
  2. 5V – 2A Power Supply for Raspberry Pi
  3. 5V DC Motor

Python Program for Controlling a DC Motor with Raspberry Pi

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