Automatic Street Light Controller

Automatic street light controller circuit using LDR

Welcome to another part. Today we will share a different type of circuit. Today we will share Automatic Street Light Controller Circuit Using Relay and LDR. How to make Automatic Street Light Controller Circuit. How to work this Circuit. We will learn transistor, LDR, and Relay. This is a very awesome and useful circuit. We[read more…]

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IR based Security Alarm Circuit using NE555 timer IC

IR Security Alarm Circuit

Welcome to another episode, in this episode, we will learn about IR based security alarm circuit using a NE555 timer IC. This is an important electronics projects for beginners. Today we will also learn, How to make security alarm circuit Practically, we will learn this circuit working principle We will learn about NE555 timer IC Also,[read more…]

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How to ON/OFF LEDs using an IR transmitter and receiver

ir transmitter and receiver

Today we are going to share with you How to ON/OFF LEDs using an IR transmitter and receiver. This is a very basic but most important project for an electronic learner. So, are you interested in it? let’s go start.   ≡ What is an IR LED? IR led is an LED that emits infrared[read more…]

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How To Make Automatic Washbasin Tap Controller


You went to make an Automatic Washbasin Tap Controller circuit using NE555 IC to make a circuit. Automatic Washbasin use as a sensor IR and this sensor detected the human activity and the washbasin active automatically. ≡ Component and working details Resistors: In this circuit, we use 22 ohms,1k resistors, and 20k VR. Capacitor: Capacitor[read more…]

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The Complete Guide Introduction to Fuse

Introduction to Fuse , A fuse protects an electrical circuit or device from excessive current when a metal element inside it melts to build an open circuit. With the exclusion of resettable fuses (discussed separately in Resettable Fuses), a fuse must be cut and replaced after it has fulfilled its function. When a high current[read more…]

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